Classes & Teaching

What do you want to learn?


I am available to teach classes in any of the art forms shown on these pages. Individual, small group or large group classes are available.  Please contact me for bookings.

Character lectures


Want to have Martha Washington or Abigail Adams come speak to your group or class about the founding of our country?   Drop me a line!

Symbolism and Psychology


I have done past lectures on the meaning of animals in the Bible and in fairy tales and have been fascinated by the subject for most of my life. 

Bard for hire!


Story telling or singing, I am available to entertain all ages of people.  I can also create commissioned songs for special occasions, to be sung at the occasion or recorded and sent to you. 

Christian Music and Stories


I love the Lord, and I love to share the stories and songs I have learned in my life.  I have written a variety of Christian songs, as well as recording the stories from my mothers old 365 Bedtime Bible stories.  If you are in need of a speaker to your adult group or to children, please call on me. 



If I ever get any FAQ's I will be certain to put them here!

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Joann Abbott

(703) 586-3373