Film, TV and Webseries work

A little about the actress...

JoAnn Abbott is an imaginative costumer, actress and make-up artist who is driven by a passion for self-expression through a wide variety of art forms. Her works are often noted for their unique style, humor, and technique. JoAnn has been acting, creating costumes and doing make up and face painting since elementary school, and even tried to join Ringling Brothers Clown College when she was nine! Her love of history led to joining the Society for Creative Anachronisms when she was twenty, which is when she began making historical costumes which have won awards for workmanship.  JoAnn attended Kutztown State College in PA as a theater major, as well as taking classes in Musical Theater at Herbert-Bergdorf Studios in NYC.  She competes in the Master division at conventions held by the International Costumers Guild as well as  Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions, receiving many awards including Best in Show, Best in Class, Judges Choice, Most Humorous and Audience Choice awards.

     JoAnn has appeared on House of Cards, Veep, and many other DC-area filmed tv shows and films.
In addition to her costuming experience, JoAnn also served 15 years in the US Military as both an active duty soldier and National Guard member, achieving the rank of Sgt.; she therefore knows a great deal about military uniforms, protocol and can field strip, clean and shoot an M-16A1 rifle. 

JoAnn has experience in many other aspects of theater and film production, including:

      Special FX work

  • Finding and creating props
  • Set dressing
  • Location scouting
  • Stage manager
  • Scriptwriter
  • Singer and songwriter
  • Clowning & magic